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I moved recently and finally got around to hooking up my ht. I started with my Rotel RB 993 3-channel power amp. As soon as I plugged it in, I heard this loud hum. If I turn up the volume, I can still hear the music in all 3 speakers. So I unplugged everything except for the center channel to test. Hum was still there and it's loud. So I plugged in my 2channel amp and no hum at all. I'm thinking it's the power amp itself as the 2channel amp worked fine with everything plugged in.

So my question is what is the solution? It affects all 3 channels so it must be a global issue. Something must have gone awry from the move. I opened the cover and saw nothing apparent that was loose and checked all the connections that I could see and made sure all screws were tightened. Any ideas would be of great help.


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