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I bought a sixth speaker to put in my home theater. I plan to use it as an additional surround speaker (center back).

Well, I managed to hook up the speaker with the Rotel RSX-1056 (which can run 5 speakers) and am using an older Yamaha receiver to power the 6th speaker.

I have gone to the menu in the Rotel TEST TONE. All six speakers are working!!!!! Yes! Including center back 1.


When I put in a dvd, the Rotel DEACTIVATES the CENTER BACK, and goes back to 5.1DTS/DD.

What the F$%¨K????

Supposedly, the Rotel simulates an additional surround in center back 1 and center back 2 speakers. This allows you to build a 6.1/7.1 system, right?

Hope this message makes sense. Spent 4 hours trying to fix problem/rereading manual.

Basically, the Rotel reads DTS or DD and then the center back is automatically deactivated.

I thought it would stay on. Again, it works in test tone, but not in practice.

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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I briefly looked at the manual. My best guess is that the unit will only output to the rear surround outputs when decoding movies with rear surround information, or when activating the Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder.

See if you can activate the DPL IIx decoder and get rear surround to output.
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