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Helping a friend with a Rotel RSX-1057 which behaves as follows:

In all other modes (except SACD analog multi-input) it works great recognizing his 5.1 speaker set up and providing signals accordingly. In SACD analog multi-input, from an OPPO 980H, the receiver display shows 7.1 and SACD (vice 5.1) and his surround R and surround L are inoperative. Manual was no help. We have been unable to delete/turn off the surround back L and R which he does not have speaker wise. Any ideas, or others who have encountered, please help.

Update: Prolem solved once we pulled system away from the wall, and found the "professionals" from his local audio shop had connected the surround analog output wires to the wrong Oppo connectors for a 5.1 setup (they connected the wires to the surround-back outputs vice the surround outputs). Sounds great now, and a new multichannel music afficianado may be in the making up in Alaska.

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