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NewB here, I just need some facts/opinions about an Idea that I currently have, I'm ready to add some extra speakers

Current setup:



Klipsch KL6504 thx inwall (l,c,r)

Klipsch rs52 - surrounds

I am wanting to make the jump to a 9.2 system of some sort, had been looking at Onkyo NR-5007 or a Denon AVR-4810 - decent receiver choices? (opinions please)

Also, if I do upgrade, should I continue to use my Rotel AMP, or do I send it down the road with the rest of the equipment that I replace..

Any help is greatly appreciated....


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Either of those AVRs are great choices. If the Rotel is still working well I'd give it a try to see if it makes a difference over the AVR on its own. Driving 9 channels can put a strain on an AVR depending on which speakers you buy. If you stay in the Klipsch line you may not need an external amp.
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