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I've been reading up for months now on this forum - huge wealth of knowledge here! So we have begun finishing our basement and had a couple of questions (very new to this):

We have framed out the left half of the basement already, but anything can be changed (except bathroom and furnace room). Does the layout drawn look ok? Anything you would change?

A/V components - I see many of you put the rack in the back of the room to keep the lights down, my thought was to put it in the front corner so that there would be access from the back through the sump room and also can vent the heat into the sump room. Thoughts?

Also, the half wall on the right - would it make sense to make it a double wall? I would like to keep it a half wall for now as our children are still quite young and would like to keep an eye on them when the area is used for parties, etc. The plan is possibly to some day frame off the A/V room to make a dedicated theater room years down the road.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions!


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