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Here is a first draft of a letter I am sending to D* regarding the shutoff of the E or W HD DNS feeds. I will welcome any feedback/suggestions/additions/deletions. I plan on sending the letter no later than Friday evening at 5:30 so it can go overnight and be there Monday.

I plan to use FedEx, so if anyone has a physical address I would appreciate it. I have a USPS address, but would prefer FedEx over Expresss Mail.

Here is the letter:

Via FedEx


Office of the President

DirecTV, Inc.



RE: HD DNS feeds

Account #

Dear DirecTV,

I recently received a letter dated July 25th from DirecTV regarding my HD network feeds. ( Distant Digital Network - DDN) This letter states that I have until August 25th to subscribe to a package that includes my local channels. This letter states the reason for this change is the new SHVERA.

My concern is that last spring, DirecTV sent out letters requiring certain subscribers to choose between LIL and DNS feeds of the networks based on the provisions of the SHVERA. Now DirecTV is forcing subscribers to add LIL programming to their package to keep the DDN feeds. Unfortunately, contacting DirecTV through the Customer Service number will yield many different answers to the same question. Therefore, I am writing this letter to hopefully get answers to the following questions:

1. If I add LIL to my current package to keep my DDN, will I lose my SD DNS feeds?

2. If I lose my SD DNS, how long will I be able to keep my DDN? The SHVERA has a grandfather provision with the date December 8th, 2004 for DDN. Will DirecTV continue to honor that provision?

3. Since DirecTV was not providing the ABC and FOX DDN on December 8th, 2004, how will these networks be affected by the new law?

I thank you for your time in helping me with this matter. Please contact me at your convenience at (XXX) XXX-XXXX.


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