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Ok so here is a small review of this $250 player. (connected to a panasonic plasma TH-42PWD3)

This my 1st dvd player ever, i have always used my computer to watch movie and the reason why i chose to switch to a stand-alone player is that i can't stand weave mode deinterlacing anymore. Any software for dvd playback sucks really bad actually, i didn't realize that at first but i do now. Also i knew i was going to lose sharpness and strong video signals due to powerful ramdac and vga characteristics.

Let's put aside the light-weigh, cheap plastic and thin metal construction it's awful; inside its made of such ultra low-cost components it's scary, exception is the (hidden) FLI22000 of course, the reason why we consider this player. So component output ready, progressive mode engaged, optic connected, there you go...

The picture is soft but its not that bad, colors are superb but there is a very annoying flicker that occur in almost any type of movie i've tried so far, obvious on saturated parts, worst being toystory and relatives. No upsampling chroma bug anywhere. I enjoy very much the film-like texture, the deinterlacing process is very strong and displays awesome renderings. Video signals are so-so but i expected that. RC is ok, settings are clear and simple, it plays cdr/cdrw perfectly, i tried vcd/svcd it's working just fine, it even plays some absolutely non compliant 6000Kbps svcd on cdrw...how's it that for strong reading capabilities! It also read any cd filled with mp3, i had it play perfectly cdr burned 6 years ago full of unsorted various bitrates mp3's. Some issue also with 4:3 material and 16:9 display, my plasma locks in 480P to full or zoom mode, so i have to disable progressive output on the player to watch in correct ratio; no big deal but that could have been taken in consideration.

I suppose anyone that analyses this player with oscilloscope and vectorscope could find lots of bad things...so what?

Beside the minor flicker issue, i think this is a stunning buy, $250 for such a rendering is a hit.

Go grab one immediately. :D
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