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RP91 - Prog. Picture Shifted Up?

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I have noticed that when I have my RP91 in progressive out mode, and I view 2.35:1 movies, the top black bar is smaller than the lower black bar. It seems as though my picture is shifted up.

When I take the RP91 out of progressive mode, the picture re-centers itself. Is this a known bug of the RP91? Is this just normal for the player?

I have read the manual insert for the player that shows how to shift the picture to the right, but I have not read anywhere how to shift the progressive picture down.

Any insight on this?
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It could be two things: DVD player or TV when it receives a progressive source.

I believe mine shifts up as well, but not too much. You may need to call a tech and have him center your progressive image.
Thank you, I will look it into that. I do need to calibrate my tv again in 480P/1080i mode.

Apparently, according to this forum, this phenomenon is pretty common with Panasonic HDTVs.
I've seen this with a few titles, but not all of them. The Insider is a title that comes to mind when I've seen this behavior. I own a Toshiba 57HX81 and a Pioneer DV-656a.

Good luck! :)

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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