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RPTV calibration in boston?

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My mits 46807 is looking pretty crappy :)

any know someone in boston that can tweak it?

how much does something like this cost?

thanks ;)
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Jim Doolittle is excellent and is the ISF guy for New England. His number is 781-647-1652. I think the current price is $500 - well worth it.
heh.. my 46" only cost $1800 :p

i don't know if i like my tv enough for $500 (with the slit side burn-in)
I would also use Jim. Depending on what he does the price could be anywhere from $300-$600, but well worth the cost. I had my $1200 Direct view XBR done a few years ago. It was well worth the $400.

--Andy Garabedian
Jim did my Pioneer 610HD last night and a 70" MITS for me a few years ago. He did a fantastic job both times.
Does Jim have an HD generator and does he calibrate grey scale differently for each of the types of inputs, e.g., 1080i, 480p, etc.?

Do you know if he addresses fixing overscan?

I actually did not use Jim. I used Chuck Williams when he was in the area. He worked me in when he was here for runco. His base price was $250 for the same (I actually think more) than Jim told me for my ws-65905. For additional information please email me at [email protected] .

Chuck did a fantawstic job. Even my wife noticed a difference.

If you think your set looks good now, get it ISF'd and you'll really start watching your set.

Chuck can also do the red push fix for mits people with service menu lockout and I think that is included in his basic price.

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