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I currently have a Toshiba TW56X81 High Def ready TV. It is used in a 11' by 13'complete light controlled dedicated HT room. The set is placed against the 11' wall. My viewing distance is 7.5' from my eyes to the screen. The only things I view on this set are dvd's via an EAD progressive scan dvd player an High Def HBO. Even though the picture looks great and I have a 30 degree field it still just feels like I am sitting close to a big TV.

I am considering moving to a front projection system using a Sony 10HT LCD projector and a 72" wide 16X9 Stewart Grayhawk screen. The projector just fits my price range and with the 11HT coming out I may be able to get a 10HT for a great price.

The only place in my area, 120 miles from my home, that has the 10HT has it set up in poor fashion. The had no light control, had a non progressive scan entry level dvd player hooked up using the composite connection, they couldn't they tell me the brand, size or make of the screen. Needless to say it was a horrible demo. This has not lowered my interest in the 10HT because of the positve reviews it has received. I know that black level is not very good on the 10HT. I have been using a white low gain diffusion screen on my Toshiba and it makes the blacks look dark gray so I don't think the 10HT's black level would bother me.

I have a few questions to ask if you don't mind.

1) Will I see the screen door effect at my 10' viewing distance. This is most important to me.

2) Will going from a RPTV to the Sony cost me much in picture quality.

3) Does a 72" wide screen seem about right for my viewing distance and room size.

4) The screen used for the demo had a sort of beaded glass or frosted glass kind of look to it in the bright parts of the picture which looked horrible. Does the Grayhawk look like this or does it have a smooth natural look to it.

5) I have a Progressive Labs CA-1 color analyzer and was wondering if one can set the grayscale accurately when using the Greyhawk screen.

6) I have Atlantic Technology system 450 speaker system. They are finished in high gloss black. The wall behind my tv is black and when the lights are out the speakers disappear. Will the light output from the Sony light up my speakers or will they still disappear.

7) Finally, would you recomend that I stay with my Toshiba RPTV or go with the Sony.

I realize that there are other digital projectors on the market but I am only considering the Sony. I have read all posts on this forum and all others regarding the 10HT and have learned a great deal but would like to get some opinions on my situation. I would greatly appreciate any advice you could give me. Thanks.

Tom Monahan

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