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RPTVs and oblique viewing angles...

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So my dad is looking to get a new TV, something in the upper 40" range, hoping to stay under $1500. I know the best bang for the buck as far as size/$ ratio goes is a nice DLP, but he's really intent on being able to watch from an angle not straight on, and it seems every DLP we look at, the picture darkens and becomes basically unwatchable at anything other than pretty much straight on. (Not really, an exageration, but you get the idea) Is this just a general issue with RPTVs, or a setup / menu thing with the way big-box stores have their TVs on display, or what?
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Yes, this is classic of all RPTVs. You need to look at a plasma and you can definitely get one that is in your price range. You can easily afford a Panasonic in that range.
First of all, what kind of angles are you looking at? More than 45-50% and maybe you'll have a problem, but will you (or your father) really be watching at that angle? I was concerned about this issue as well, but it really became a non-issue when I actually measured the practical viewing angles in my living room and realized that I'd never be watching that far off-axis - it's just not comfortable viewing that way. I'd be much more concerned about the lighting conditions in the room because plasmas (which are much better in regards viewing angles) do reflect a lot more than rptv screens.
As per the other poster, what kind of angle are you talking about?

My SXRD does pretty good with horizontal angles (vertical is a different story), but it really depends on how much you are talking about.
My experience has been that if I'm off angle enough for the picture to dim I'm too off-angle to enjoy the picture anyway.
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