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if you don't care about controlling your new Pioneer PDP via RS232, feel free to move along :)

for those of you with Crestron, AMX, HTPC, or other such monstrosities to worry about, i finally got some info.

the consumer folks at Pioneer were not helpful, however i reached someone in the commercial group who was quite helpful.

the bad news is that there is no spec in the US yet on the RS232 control. in theory, it exists somewhere in Japan, but the US guys don't know jack about it yet.

the good news is that the control codes on the new models are a superset of what's on the old models. so you can download the 502MX technical manual off of the Pioneer site and there are 6 or so pages on the RS232 stuff. i was told it's the same communications parameters, same cabling, etc.

the consumer models generally end up with a neutered (subset) version of RS232 controls than the commercial version does. but as far as basic "remote control replacement" we should be all set.

i may have time this weekend to get it into my Crestron. will post back if i do and update.

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