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hey guys,

my sister recently brought me an Apple TV to add to my home-theater set-up. I was able to set it up to my Classe preamp/pro and have been using the apple TV for the better part of two weeks, but it does not work with the RTI universal remote. (i have the older 433 MHz edition, but am very happy with it...)

I called the shop that put my HT setup together and was told that they won't be able to send someone out to me until after the New Year.

No problem I said... the new year is fine by me... shall we set a tentative date so that when I call you back in January we'll have a rough idea about when you can send someone out to me?

At this point, I got a bit of a sob story from the owner about he didn't "make as much money from the job as he had anticipated" and is no rush to send someone out to me to install "hardware that you did not buy from me."

he did give me a discount. but it wasnt anything record-breaking or extreme. I don't know much about the pricing on these HT systems, but I have read through these boards long enough to know that people have received far deeper discounts that I on the same equipment.

the more I think about this, the more furious I get and I no longer want to let this dealer anywhere near my home. I won't go into detail on my thoughts on the matter here -- although I feel like it would be a good place to "vent my frustrations.." still, i feel you should all be spared.

so I am left with the predicament of having to find another dealer to help me program the RTI remote.

the one thing that worries me -- knowing so little about how these remotes are programed -- is that the old dealer may have locked out anyone else from tampering with this system. i thought of this this morning when i took one look at the RTI remote charging on the stand, and the home screen displays this dealer's logo and contact information -- so i worry at this point that he is the only one who can make changes to it.

in any case, baby steps..

can you guys recommend an RTI dealer who does good work in the NYC area?

do you know if said new dealer will have trouble making changes to the programming of said remote given thatit was originally programmed by another dealler?

thank you in advance for taking the time to reply.

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