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Rubber feet for Bottom of DVD player

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I will be purchasing the Panasonic DVD S97 DVD player. i will be placing it on top of my Panny Xr70 Receiver. Does anyone know here to purchase the rubber feet extendors that go on the bottom of a DVD palyer or any component. I want to make sure there is enough airflow and wanted to raise the DVD player.

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Panasonic does not recommend stacking these items. With that out of the way....

Hardware stores sell thick neoprene washers and grommets that can raise height. Also, one can buy short pieces of PVC pipe (1"), paint black or silver, and use *large* neoprene washers at both ends.

I use black bathtub stoppers as "spacers" to give my DVR "breathing room" on top of the receiver - work great, are cheap - get 'em at your Ace Hardware.
Thanks does stoppers are exactly what I need.


Originally posted by mxanders
Hockey Pucks
Some of us still need them!

That reminds me....I actually saw someone use pucks as a body lift kit for their truck!
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