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Rubberized Canvas Screen?

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I'm in the process of setting up my first home theater. In looking around the web for possible front-projection screens, I came across the following one offered on eBay for $45, including shipping. I'd like comments on whether this screen sounds like it would do the job as well as most other affordable options. The feedback from buyers was very positive:

"A brand new never used piece of rubberized matte white canvas screen material. Our screen material is finished from edge to edge so there is no wasted unusable material. It is made up from 3 separate layers (front, center, back) and this screen material is seamless and flame resistant.

"With a gain of 1.3 it produces a nice bright even picture with true colors. All the projected light is evenly distributed on the matte canvas surface for the best picture with a very wide viewing cone. No glare or hot spots like you get with a vinyl or pvc screen."

Included are plans for making a wooden frame to stretch the canvas on.

Comments would be appreciated.


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Wow hes quite a marketer. Sounds like the professionals have been using the wrong material all these years. ;)
Sounds like you're saying it isn't a good deal. Is that right?

I cant comment accurately on something I haven't seen.

my recommendation is if you want to save yourself some headaches you can find professionally made products for a few bucks more. I know you will be satisfied with these. they are pros for a reason...they know what their doing ;)
Thank you. Comments from others?

Whats the flebay ad # ?
sdg72, Just go to eBay and search on "BEST DIY PROJECTOR PROJECTION SCREEN MATERIAL." The seller has dozens of them on eBay at any given time.

Tryg, Concerning your comment, "they are pros for a reason...they know what their [sic] doing," the more I thought about that statement, the more I felt I needed to offer a contrary point of view. With all due respect, history is full of cases where non-professionals have come up with ideas that the professionals haven't thought of because they've stopped thinking outside the box. I can't count the number of times I've had to reengineer a product because the "professionals" didn't get it right. I bet you have too.

The airplane was invented by bicycle makers, while some "professionals" were saying it couldn't be done. The idea of using the brakes on a car to supply added energy was developed by someone other than an automotive engineer (if I remember correctly). The list goes on and on. And, by the way, the Microsoft operating system WAS developed by professionals--and we know what that got us! Need I say more?

Besides, I don't know what the background of the seller of these screens is. All I know is that he/she produces a lot of them and that virtually everyone who has bought one raves about it in the feedback section. So, in the absence of a really strong argument against the product, I'm willing to gamble fifty bucks on the entrepreneurial spirit.

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I'm not taking either side, I just want to say that a lot of people rave about a lot of things that are better than what they were using. We don't know if they are projecting onto a plain wall or a bedsheet, which if is the case they may have never seen a professionally made screen, so they would tend to rave about the improved quality... that is until they see something better.
Bill, I'm all for do it yourself. There are many success stories! there are also alot of people that bought a lot of material, wasted a bunch of time and wished they had just bought a simple professionally made screen.

My Screen Showcase review outlines some good materials

For $50 proabably cant do much harm. Unless you spend $700 to make a frame :D
I know the product you are asking about, and they have been out there selling it for a long time. I built my 92" screen in Feb 2004 with their rubberized canvas screen material and have been very pleased with it. I'm now planning another 110" screen and will be using the same product again this time. JD
I too purchased this material from the same ebay seller, and while I believe it is in fact black-out cloth, it is very good quality black-out cloth and has worked very nicely for me. Probably can get black-out cloth cheaper if you hunt, but getting it from this ebay seller was quick and easy - I think my material for a 42x96-ish screen was $32 including shipping.
I too am thinking of buying material from e-bay. The one I found interesting was one with the description "Home Theater Projector Screen Material 76" X 112" + DVD" It comes with DVD instructions. Also, it has sold over 4700 screens with 99.99 Positive reviews. So with so many screens sold, have others on this board used this vendor or similar material from other ebay sellers care to comment? I also saw another seller (b-a) offering a gray screen. Is a little more $$ but it saids to give a 1.6 gain.

My biggest concern is will streching remove the wrinkles.

I like painting but my wall is not the flatest and i have some outlets in the way which can be covered by a DIY screen on a frame. thanks in advance!

also if i can get a professionally made screen 76x112 for a few more $s than the above, can someone let me know where :D
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