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I need a few suggestions on a DAC or pre-amp for a pair of my newly acquired Dynaudio focus 110A powered monitors.

I am really excited about these speakers.

I have a dedicated home theater with B&W 804S speakers and I enjoy them very much in a home theater environment but with music they lack detail. Unfortunately I cannot afford the 803 diamonds I was listening too or Dynaudio's C1's, wow what great speakers they both are for music.

I am considering the Bel Canto 1.5 or the 2.5. I really don't if the 2.5 would be that much of an improvement than the 1.5. Obviously the 1.5 is somewhat cheaper. However it's not the money issue it's more buying the right product. The right fit for the110A's.

As far as a pre-amp I do not know where to begin.

Any suggestions are appreciatied.

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