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Rumor Has It... Low Sound Issue

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I watched Rumor Has It last night on HDDVD and it has the Low Sound Issue for sure... I didn't see this posted yet...
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Pure speculation on my part.. but

I imagine that Rumor, TLS and POTO were actually the first three titles WB authored and started work on... we've known for a long time that Rumor was going to be the first hybrid, and maybe they needed some extra lead time for manufacturing, or maybe they've been sitting around for a while....

A big disappointment for me since I mixed the film... but it doesn't sound like turning it up has any big drawbacks besides raising your systems noise floor...

Do you know of any other hybrids?

I watched it last night and noticed the sound was a bit low as well, though it didn't seem quite as low as on PotO and LS. I still had to bump it up about 5 db higher than where I usually listen to stuff at. No big deal though as my receiver still has plenty of head room to go higher.
It's not like this is a big-impact soundtrack anyway, so I don't see it as a major shortcoming.
Turn on the Enhancent dialog function. Works wonders
What techniques have some of you tried in order to watch these movies in low volume? My receiver has the capability to normalize the DD sound tracks of SD DVDs but not DTS. Since all of the HD DVDs have DD+ as a standard I can't adjust the dialog because the track is interpreted as DTS.

With my receiver (on a DD track) I was able to use a "midnight mode" to even out the sounds. On the A1, there's a dynamic compression mode, but that barely does anything to the dialog. Even the so called "dialog enhancement" is really no use for "quiet" viewing. I've also had the sound hooked up through the player's built-in decoder, but again that doesn't help.

I know the soundtracks are meant to be dynamic so to add depth to the movies, just like the theaters, but I have neighbors and no sound proofing. Anyone know of a device to add in between the center channel and a amp that will allow processing of the signal? I use to have a device made by Pioneer that did this.
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I also noticed the low volume. Not too bad though. Love the fact that it's a hybrid disc. Give the disc more value.

FilmMixer: Good job on the mix.
How is the PQ on this title? I saw HD review said it was one of the best, is that possible?

i didn't flip the disc over, but did watch it in HD then played the 480p trailer... if that's indicitive of the dvd then the picture quality is phonomenal!
Craysv, I was referring to the HD version, for quality, I would not even bother watching the dvd standard side..

So how would you compare the hd version compared to any of the other hd titles released so far?

To me is is the best I have seen, but Doom although the worst movie, you can really see

how good the the shadows detail are.
I thought there were too many scenes with edge enhancement that never should have been there. I gave it a fairly low grade as a result. It's obviously better than the SD side (especially on some fine detail and the much better resolution on MacLaine's red dress), but casual viewers might not even notice the difference.
Originally Posted by CD_14
What techniques have some of you tried in order to watch these movies in low volume?
Well, I just turn the volume knob up. :)

I didn't think the PQ was quite as good as some of the other titles.
Originally Posted by dugpa
Well, I just turn the volume knob up. :)

I didn't think the PQ was quite as good as some of the other titles.
Well, of course, dugpa :) I'm referring to after hours viewing where there are peeps around. Some of these movies' dialog are way too low, ie Assault on Precinct 13 and Apollo 13. I turn it up to listen to the voices then suddenly there's a shootout that blows down the door. My equipment used to be able to even out the sounds for quiet viewing, but it won't work on DTS or these new soundtracks.
despite the low sound, PQ was astounding on my 1080i CRT! didn't realize Jennifer Aniston has ugly hands... (check out her scene with Mena Suvari in the bedroom)

i agree the volume was worse in The Last Samurai.
Anyone else have this problem? During the end credits, I brought up the on the fly menu and accessed the trailer. When the trailer played, it had no sound. But when I exited back to the menu and resumed the movie the audio was fine.
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