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Rumor: NVIDIA Decoders avialable soon

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Ok, I have been wrong on dates before, but I have never been wrong on the features of NVDVD. The beta testers would be able to testify to that. Version 3.x had exactly what I said it would, and I never bothered to say what I knew was coming in 4.x because I couldn't get a reliable release date.

So, I have it on good authority, but still a rumor, that the standalone version of the 4.x decoders will be avialable for sale sometime next week. That would be the week of October 18th. Not necessarily on the 18th, but that week.

As I learn more I will let you know. I do know that its no longer called NVDVD, yes I know the name, but I rather not say. I am sure a 4.x beta tester could tell you or easily find it in other threads...
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What will the pricing be? Will it be cheaper than TheaterTek 2.0?
I haven't heard the price, but it should be cheaper since it is a decoder only package.
Let's start guessing the name.

My guess is: Nvidia nStant Media, however stupid that may sound.

Will the nvvpp be included, or is it just the decoders?
Awesome news, almost took the plunge on TT2. I'd rather get just the codecs and use it in ZP, in which I spend alot of time tweaking it to my liking :D
I believe that the VPP filter will be included as well as some others besides just the mpeg2 decoders. I don't know 100% yet though.
Don't you just love those "rumors" Brian
Yes they are fun. But keep in mind how they just happen to coordinate with the MCE2005 release and the following press release:

Will they be the same decoder version as used in the TT 2.0 release or a different release version that will only be available through Nvidia ?

--- If you do not know or just cannot say then I certainly understand ;) .

------- Thanks ,

-------- Jason
They should be the same or slightly newer, but no significant differences. I don't know what version TT 2.0 ships with so can't say for certain.
I believe TT2.0 ships with 4.0.48...or so they say in that OTHER thread. :)

if this is true then only the decoders will be released? What about the full "Forceware Multimedia" application including NVDVD, NVPVR, NVBURN etc.?

I heard there will be 2 packs:

One for users of MCE 2005 (decoders only)

One standalone version (application similar to FWMM)

So be it! I hope they won't forget to include a nvRemote driver & application for FWMM...
I have been told next week.

The version I currently have is a little older than what Theatertek has, but I have had them for around two months now.

They will be released as filters and will support WMP etc.

The version I have also supports Zoom Player correctly (without the need for the internal filename to be wmplayer.exe as public releases currently are)
wow.. sweet!! :D

So maybe all that fuss that was raised in the "official" thread made a difference. (?_?)
Well it is a suprise that theatertek came out first before the filters themselves... but I guess it won't matter soon ;)
I can't say when the release of the full application will be. I know there will eventually be a release, I just don't have any details to share on it.
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