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Rumors: New 2015 Home HD-radio tuners from...

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I saw a mention in a March 5, 2015 RadioWorld blog article that New 2015 HD-Radio home tuners are anticipated to be introduced by:

a) Magnum DynaLab

b) Outlaw Audio


Excerpt (quote): Home audio tuners that include HD Radio are coming this year from Magnum Dynalab and Outlaw Audio. Denon is releasing two “InCommand” AV receivers and Yamaha is releasing “Aventage” line AV units that include HD Radio. McIntosh Labs, too, will release AV receivers that feature HD Radio. (unquote).

And also, a related excerpt (quote): "IBiquity is working with Asian suppliers for its private label HD Radio receivers called “SPARC Radio.” Struble described them as affordable portable and tabletop products. There were six units on the website: www.sparcradio.com " Unquote
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I am still a fan of HD radio I hope they do make more reasonably priced receivers.
Glad to see the Sparc radios. Apparently iBiquity is now producing their own consumer HD Radios since no other manufacturers have been doing so in recent years.
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