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Runco 1200 Eye-Q / Cine 9

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Does anyone have any information on the EYE-Q auto convergence system offered with the Runco DTV 1200? As I understand, the DTV 1200 is based on the Barco Cine 9. Is the EYE-Q system proprietary to Runco or is it packaged with the Cine 9 as well?

Check out the following link to the DTV 1200 brochure, http://www.runco.com/datasheets/DTV-1200.pdf

What are the differences between the DTV 1200 and the Cine 9? Did Runco make any refinements over the Cine 9? From what I've read there's not a lot of room for improvement on the Cine 9.


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AFAIK the 1200 is the exact same as the Cine9 other than labeling and paint. The auto convergence system looks to be the same as Barco's IRIS 3. You can find more information on the slightly older IRIS 2 here: http://www.cineversum.com/downloads/...Adjustment.pdf

The difference between IRIS 2 and 3. Is that 2 is limited to convergence adjustments while 3 will also does geometry. That is 3 will do most of the work for you while 2 just does the convergence AFTER you have done the geometry manually. The instructions above should provide you more info on setting up and using both versions of IRIS. Note for others reading this, Iris 3 is a software only upgrade from 2 the hardware is all the same.
With IRIS 2, YOU set the geometry on the green only.

It will actually do the green geometery for you but it isnt too good.

The convergence after you do the green yourself is really very good after two passes.
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