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Runco DTV-5800 and Moto 6412 connection - is it possible?

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This is my first post, please go easy on me!

Several years ago, I purchased a floor-model Runco DTV 5800 "HDTV-ready" TV. This has been a beautiful box for me for these years, but I have never connected it to an HDTV source. Actually, I did try once - with a Samsung OTA receiver, but my location, although not to far from the HDTV sources, seems to be thoroughly blocked from OTA signals (this includes all analog channels as well as DTV).

Anyway, I finally have bit the bullet and ordered Comcast to install its HDTV PVR, which I believe is a Motorola 6412. The outputs from this are component, DVI, and Firewire. Well, when the Runco was made, apparently there was no standard for HDTV inputs. What it has is ONLY RGBHV - that is, separate inputs for R,G,B, and Horizontal and Vertical sync, at 1080i. It has component inputs for ONLY 480p, designed for progressive DVD players.

When I connected the Samsung, I was able to at least get a sort-of menu using its VGA output to a VGA breakout cable I purchased. I believe this is ANALOG signals, not digital, but am not completely sure. I have to admit that even the menu seemed to breakup and distort, so I am not even certain that the TV is up to spec on its 1080i input, although I also suspected it needed a Digital TV source for synchronization.

I also have a DVI to VGA adapter which handles both analog and digital DVI connections.

However, it appears that the DVI output, if usable, from the 6412, is DVI-D which I think means digital only.

So, if you have followed me this far - is any of this going to work? Do I have a useless HDTV?

Of course, I will be trying this on Thursday when the installer arrives, but it would be nice to know if there are connectors or adapters that I can have ready ahead of time. I gravely doubt that the Comcast installer will have anything to adapt to my TV, so I had hoped to be prepared.

Thanks for any ideas.

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You'd need a component to RGB transcoder to complete this, something like this -> http://www.audioauthority.com/aaccon.../9a62detc.html
Thanks, I appreciate the pointer to that site, along with its pointer to digitalconnection, which looks like it has excellent information.

HOWEVER, my TV requires 1080i input. It is not quite clear if this device, which says it is for transcoding progressive component output for use with RGB inputs, will do what I need. I am not familiar enough with the DVI spec to know if the DVI output will actually supply what I need.

I'll keep searching, and hoping for some additional brilliance from members of this site!

I was looking at the 9A62 instead of the 9A65.

The specs do say ti will convert 1080i input into 1080i output on a VGA connector. That would go into my VGA to BNC (5 connectors!) breakout cable.

Downside is that this costs $190.00! Yes, I know that I got a $10000 TV for only $4000, but I'm a bit upset (nad how do I tell my wife that this inexpensive cable upgrade is getting expensive!) about all this. :(

Plus, I probably can't find one by Thursday.

It looks as if, despite having a digital TV, I don't have use for the DVI output of the 6412.

(So how about Firewire and a Mac mini :D)

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"It looks as if, despite having a digital TV, I don't have use for the DVI output of the 6412."

Unfortunately this about your only option, your signal is actually digital up to the 6412 then converted to analog before going out the component outputs and across the transcoder to your TV...
I have also found some DVI digital to RGBHV or VGA solutions (either would work for me, I believe, since I have the VGA breakout cable). These are all in the $250 to more than $300 range. Darn.

And of course there is no local supplier of the component to RGB converter anyway, so my Thursday install seems a little inconvenient.

Thanks for the advice. Again, I say very strongly, dagnabbit.
The dvi signal from the cable box is going to be HDCP protected. Converting DVI to RGBHV will probably not work. A component to RGBHV may be your only option.
Yeah, I'd forget using the DVI out for the same reason.
Thank you both (.JMMHouston and mjones73) Additional research also determined that the DVI to VGA boxes do not handle the bandwidth of 1080i in any case! Component to RGBHV it is.

The Audio Authority 9A65 looks like just the right box. I was about to order from copperbox - digitalconnection has it back-ordered. i don't know anything about either store. Audio Authority's web site pointed me to both.
I just found this interesting fact at Ram Electronics... Take this model off your list, it can't do anything over 480p.


"*** Note:The 9A65 currently only works at 480i or 480p for Cable and Satellite Set top boxes. It will not support 1080i or 720p***"

They sell this one that is supposed to do 1080i but it's more then double the price..


and Digital Connection has this one for $299 also..


Sorry about that bad information above.
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Matt's last post is pointing you in the right direction. The 9A65 is not capable of passing HD signals. They are suppose to be working on fixing this.

The KD-CTCA3 is doing the trick for me, with some crushed blacks.
Whoops, that is bad news - I've already ordered and paid for it! The "good" news is that the seller will allow me to return it if it is unsuitable.

I found several forum messages on other sites that indicate the 9A65 is indeed suitable for this purpose, but I was given the impression that YMMV.

I think I saved the posts, but the bookmarks are at home, so I can't relay them now.

The installation is happening tomorrow (at the worst, I'll be out the installation fee, and maybe a month's service, since I can return the box(s) at any time and cancel the service), and the 9A65 won't appear until Friday.

I am not sure what "supposed to be working on fixing this" means? Will there be a new model? Will the current model work to specs? I downloaded the manual and it does appear to me that 1080i is supposed to be supported.
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I tried the 9A65 as well as another cheaper model from VDigi. I returned the 9A65 directly to Audio Authority. Here is some of the correspondence:

Dear Mr. Belcher,

Audio Authority Corporation's Service Manager, Curtis Lloyd has forwarded your request for a refund on a Model 09A65 to me. Please accept my apologies for the product's performance in your application. I assure you that Audio Authority is not in the habit of manufacturing substandard product. In fact, the deficiencies in this product did not appear during development or beta testing and we are working very hard to overcome them. I would encourage you to visit our website for further developments regarding the 09A65.

The original purchase was made through one of our distributors and today they (Digital Connection) faxed me a copy of your original invoice. That, along with your e-mail, is the only documentation I will need to process your refund. Would you prefer that the refund be issued to your credit card? or would a refund check be acceptable? If you prefer that we apply the refund to your credit card please contact me with the card information - via telephone or e-mail. Please provide a daytime phone number for confirmation.

I am sorry for your difficulties and hope we have the opportunity to re-earn your business in the future. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or additional requirements.


Tom Higgins

Sales Manager

800/322-8346 ext. 120
[email protected]
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What was you experience with the VDigi device?

I received the Audio Authority 9A65 today and was finally able to attach it late this evening.

In a nutshell, it works (for now). I will reserve final judgement, however, until I have my entire system configured to take advantage of the new HDTV PVR. It does indeed sense the 1080i output of the DVR, and my HD15 VGA to RGBHV cable provided a viewable input to the Runco TV.

Alas, my Runco 5800 was apparently seriously mis-tuned for HDTV. Fortunately, I had scored a maintenance document (just a couple of faxed pages, but invaluable) that gives some methods of doing full convergence, picture size, and pincushion adjustments. A bit scary, but after about an hour of re-checking the manual, moving a little cursor around the convergence grid, changing picture size, trying to get straight lines with linearity, pincushion, and whatever seemed to make sense, I got what appears to be a very nice, sharp HDTV image from the various HiDef channels.

Unfortunately, it appears that the long use of the 16:9 screen in normal 4:3 mode (the TV puts an unchangeable gray-greenish border on the right and left) created somewhat of a burn-in effect. The right and left rectangles outside the 4:3 portion of the screen seem to have a slightly different shade or brightness when a uniform background is displayed. Also, the right side of te screen is a bit "wavy" - I can't get it straight and am not sure I should adjust the width part the edge of the visible screen.

Anyway, the 9A65 seems to be performing as desired - I have been warned about color changes, and even inconsistent synchronization, so I will be on the lookout, but I am extremely pleased at the moment.

Thanks to all those who submitted advice.

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Originally posted by courier72
What was you experience with the VDigi device?
I couldn't get the picture to align itself to my screen and the color was off. I may have had a bad unit, but I read about others having similar problems.


Glad the 9A65 is working for you. Trail and error seems to be the key in this hobby.
I am late to the party but I got couple questions.

1) So the DVI-D to VGA adaptor like this one http://www.monoprice.com/products/su...d=10401&style= will not work, right?

2) So the only solution is component to VGA switch adaptor, right?
That's a DVI-I > VGA adptor. DVI-I has both the digitial and analog signal. DVI-D is just digital.

You ned a transcoder not just an adaptor. You can go from component to Vga or DVI-D to VGA

They are $150 for low end, $300 for mid level and the skys the limit on the high end.
Pickup a component out to VGA cable for less than $20 at local store here. They are actually even cheaper on ebay. Hope it work and will find out tonight.
The cable is not working. After doing a lot of searching and reading, I agreed that transcoder is the only way to work.

My question is if that's the case, why there are so many sites (include microcenter) have component to VGA cable for sale and specificly described to use the cable to connect component source to HDTV display with RGB (VGA) input?? Did I miss something here?
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