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Runco ls3 ploblem solid red light.

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Hi I have been given a faulty Runco ls3 projector and was wondering if anyone can tell me, if the upright fan that cools the bulb should turn on as soon as its powered on. I can see 6 fans and this is the only one that dosent turn on straight away. When the green power button is pressed this fan turns on after about ten seconds and when the power light turns solid red it stops and then comes back on about 20seconds later and stays on. The manual says solid red light could be a faulty fan or failed start up check. I think the bulb is OK because I saw light come out for a few seconds the first time I tryed to start it., but not at all after that initial first attempt to start it.? Any help would be much appreciated and thank you in advance for any help you may be able to offer me.

Also sorry if this is the wrong spot to post this I'm not great with forums.

Thank you regards David
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If you are seeing light.. is it white or have color.. I am thinking your color wheel is not starting. Typically the color wheel or power supply are the items that fail and ends these tanks.. If the fan run, I think you are good, never noticed when that fan starts. Since you have power it is not the power supply. A lamp "can" cause this and still give that low level light. My money is on the color wheel being dead. Remover the color wheel and see if it is very hard to turn. The ribbon cable pull out of the connector. The plastic connector is part of the board and does not come off. I have seen ribbon cables bent and strapped too tight which damaged the traces. Be very careful with the Color wheel it is extremely fragile.
Good luck and no I do not have a source for color wheels that work correctly.. ebay stuff is junk and not worth messing with.
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Thanks for the reply, the colour wheel spins when it's powered on and looks like it's working, would a dead bulb give a solid red light? Any other ideas on things I could check? Thanks
without a known good lamp you are guessing. I bought what was sold as new old stock lamp and housing from someone on ebay and it worked for one day and then failed with a red light.. put my 3000 hour old lamp in and it worked.. returned it and asked the guy to please not sell it again.. So yes it can, or the ballast is bad.. so if you buy a lamp, make sure you can return it and don't buy a $100 lamp off ebay.. Good luck!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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