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Running linux in Paralells (mac mini)

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Perhaps I should have searched more, but I am stretched with law school finals right now, and this question popped into my head.

Does Linux run smooth enough on a mini (duel core, 2gigs RAM) to use a linux distro for HT purposes, while running OSX for general surfing purposes?

I am hammering out how my final setup will look right now, and I'm considering a linux distro on my mini for HT purposes, but would rather not have to boot and reboot every time I switch uses.

Thank you,

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You can try VMware beta for free. (I think Parallels also lets you have a free eval).

Here is a link to VMware, try it for yourself.

They make a Parallels for Linux that you could try using OSX with. On Linux you're going to need DRI enabled and that won't work in a virtual machine.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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