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Running speaker wire

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How are you guys getting your cables out of the house to your speakers??

drilling holes?
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Speaks and wires are outside. Along w/ everything else.

Are you thinking of keeping the audio and dvd player inside and just having your speaks outside w/ the PJ?

If so, yes, a ****load of drilling will need to take place.
I use a bookshelf audio system (stereo only) and keep it outside. It's nice to be able to control the audio easily that way. Stereo sound is fine for outside.
how do you weather proof it???

Originally Posted by jewing1043 /forum/post/0

how do you weather proof it???

i have been thinking of putting together a stereo setup outside but have been wondering about the wire if i need to water proof it or something
If it rains, it goes back in the garage.

Seriously though, I have a 20x20 covered carport in front of the garage. The screen hangs above the garage door (covered/protected). the projector will eventually be mounted on the carport ceiling. The audio system will be kept by the outlet in the garage permanently. The speakers will also be under the carport.

No need to waterproof anything.
You weatherproof it by not showing movies when it's raining.
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I use outdoor rock speakers that are placed in a garden by our fence along the back end of our yard. The speakers run through low voltage wires (low voltage outdoor lighting) in pvc pipes underground to my house where the cable and sat. tv come through into my basement. I actually had a hole there already, because I used VoIP for a while before going back to AT&T, so had a nice fat hole for the speaker wire (as well as cat 5 for the video projector). A bit of silicone caulk over the hole seals it up nicely.

But the point is, holes can easily be drilled through the siding into the house, if need be. Just make sure to seal it up, as described above, and keep it inconspicuous (the holes in my siding for the cable, sat. tv, and now outdoor speakers, are situated pretty much directly behind my central air conditioner.
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