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Ok, here's the situation...

I have HTPC which is approx 8-10ft from my couch, which is where I want to use my wireless KB and mouse.

Since most wireless receivers have a max range of around 3ft, this is a problem.

My solution, hook the usb receiver into a usb extension cord, and run it from the pc to the couch.

So I don't have a cord running across my living room floor all the time, I would like to run the cable under the carpet, and run it across the room, ending underneath the couch, since the receiver will obviously cause a bulge, this should keep it hidden.

My question is about running the cable, I understand about lifting the carpet from the tacks (in fact, I already did that to test the waters). But how do I feed the cable (w/ receiver on end) to the spot I want?

Most online guides about doing this assume there is an exit point, so you can just feed, then pull through, in my case, my stopping point is the middle of the floor.

So whats the best way to go about this?

Also, I was going to heavily tape the receiver to the cable (using electrical tape), so that if I need to pull it out, I can do it with out it disconnecting and the receiver getting stuck somewhere underneath the carpet.

Any advice on doing this?



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Originally Posted by nickolasj80 /forum/post/15526568

Also, I should add, I was going use fish tape or even bent coat hanger, but I cant figure out how to release the coat hanger from the cable, so I can pull it out, and leave the cable there.

Because you're doing it backwards. Feed the coat hanger/fish tape from one spot to the other, then attach the cable, then you can pull the fish tape through and disconnect the cable from the other end.

As for USB receivers (standard RF) only going 3ft, I would disagree. The cheap ones might only go that far, but my Gyration suite will easily go 15ft and my 5 year old Logitech Cordless MX Duo will easily go 30ft, no problem. Buy a new keyboard/mouse combo (DiNovo Mini is the bees-knees).

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Agreed. Get a decent keyboard and don't monkey around with pulling wires under the carpet. Most liekly you would be breaking code in your area, even though they are low voltage wires.

With the diNovo Edge, it will easily reach 30 ft if not more. I can control the HTPC from the upstairs bedrooms without a problem (well expect for the problem of not seeing the screen...)

If I had it to do over again, I would get the DiNovo Mini. It would sit on the arm of my chair better.

Anyway, if you are still hell bent on running sub cable, just be aware that you can usually push small cables (speaker wire, CAT5, etc.) under the base board running around the paremeter of the room. Don't know if that would work in your room layout, but it would be easier and you don't have to deal with a bulge under the carpet.

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