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I'm pretty much an AV newb, but my projector setup has been working pretty well. Now I want to add a Wii to the mix without running more cable across the room and I don't know if it's possible.

The pieces:

1. Optoma HD72 projector

2. Comcast cable box

3. Sony home theater in a box (DAVFX80) (I can't link to the sony manual cause I'm a newb, but it's the first Google result for: DAVFX80 manual)

4. Wii with component outs.

The cable box gives s-video to the projector and component audio + video to the Sony, and when I want to watch a DVD, i just move the S-video to the Sony. I know, I'm a terrible newb.

The sony has two component video in slots, HDMI & s-video out.

So, what I was wondering is this:

- Can i plug the Wii component video into the Sony and then run S-video out or HDMI to the projector and have it project? I can't seem to make this work.

- Can I use the Sony to do the same with the cable box, so I only have to have one input to the projector and never have to move cables?

Thanks for the help in advance. I'm an idiot about this stuff, and I can't seem to find any simple info about my Sony model.

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Im not sure what you are doing to be honest...

I would do this since you are port limited:

Get a pelican pro (best buy, etc) and hook all 3 sources (wii, dvd, comcast) up to it via component video (3 cables, red, green, blue)

Match up the audio (either red/white or toshlink fiber) to one source on the receiver

Then run the component out on the pelican to sony, and the HDMI to the projector (if that doesnt work do component out to the projector)

Set your DVD player to component out, 480p

Set your cable box to component out, 480p (or trade in for the high definition model)

Set the wii to component out, 480p, 16x9

Here is the heirachy of quality for video:




(big gap)



I dont know if you sony receiver can do conversion from component to HDMI - if not just use all component.

good luck

This will be a significant boost in quality to your projector - s-video cable should be burned in a fire in your back yard and never used again...
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