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running your speaker wire

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quick question. im wondering what the best way to loop excess speaker wire is. On one side of the bedroom my 12 guage wire was a length of 35' in order to loop it all the way around along the baseboard. the problem is the rear on the other side is very close to the amp, like 5 or 6 feet away =P so i have about 30 feet of excess cable to loop up. I remember reading thatjust doing it in a circle and using a zip tie can cause interference in the cable, is that true? if so whats the best method for me to coil this up? right now i just did the zip tie thing so its a flat loop.
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Why not just cut it to length? The signal travels down the wire ~200,000km /sec, the 30' difference is insignificant.
really? everything i heard says you should cut the lengths the same
Cut it to fit. You'll be fine.
Just wondering if anyone can confirm what the OP says about coiling it up is true? I have my extra lengths coiled up (although not much, ~3 ft) and it seems fine to me...
well i already have it too long and dont feel like taking it apart and cutting it the way i had it layed... is coiling it in a loop and then tying it flat with a zip tie going to cause any audio problems? whats it suposed to do anyway? it sounds ok
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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