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Hey guys, I've got a weird AH484 problem I'm hoping someone has an idea about

I added a new keypad today and since then all the audio inputs seem to be on ALL 4 outputs. By that I mean whatever input I select at the keypad I get all 4 audio inputs at once.

If I remove all but one audio input I can hear it on any of the 4 channels I select from the keypad!

I've disconnect all but a keypad I *know* was working before (I have my Tivo running through it in the 2nd bedroom) and all but one input source (the tivo).

Regardless of whether I switch to single source or multi at the keypad, and regardless of what input the keypad is on, I can hear the Tivo.

I've tried removing everything and leaving the power off for a minute or so, to no avail. I've also tried different keypads and different output ports on the AH484, including the second keypad ports (I have a second power supply)

I'm obviously hoping the box isn't fried - I bought it as a kit from Amazon so have no idea if there's a warranty from Russound (Doubtful).

Does anyone have any suggestions?! (I looked for a reset button ;-) )
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