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Russound wiring cockup, any chance of a fix?

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I have been asked to help a company out that has a problem with a CAA66.

They managed to lay 4core rather than Cat5 to the keypads; do'h

I have managed to get the pads running on just four wires, but it needs the status in the first time it turns on to know what zone it is.

Now it must be possible to mimic this signal some how at the amp end. Worst case, could I just have a second keypad for each wrongly wired zone at the amp and use that status?

The house is a country house with thick stone walls and has been finished so laying the right wire isn't really an option.


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Russound wiring cockup, any chance of a fix?

Must be a British thing
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I have also never heard that term in the industry... Though it does ring a bell ... Maybe the name of an adult film ???
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