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Other than the decreased power (105 vs 130), it seems the RX-V1065 has some new functionality. I currently own the RX-V4600 and am looking to upgrade to the latest HDMI so I can get 1080P through the receiver's switcher.

I really like the YPAO feature, both seem to have it. Both have HD radio. The 1065 has Dolby Digital EX, DTS NEO.6 (new), a feature called neural surround and a USB port. Are there any rumors for a new version of the 1900 with similar features coming soon? It seems odd that they would undermine the higher end receiver with a lower end one.


In one of the specs they show NEO 6 for all receivers, so I am confused, what is new NEO 6, vs the NEO 6 shown with DTS 96 / 24?

My pet peeve with the RX-4600 is how difficult it seems to be to program FM presets. Do either of these improve in that area? Ideally you should be able to set the presets from the menu via the remote.

The 1900 has a more versatile variety of switching, would I be missing out any significant new feature by going with the 1900 (I think I'd rather have the extra power in reserve, but I don't know if I can justify an extra $400).

Thanks for any insights,
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