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I have a very frustrating problem, and im not sure if its fixable.

I have been having issues where at random for no reason lately the receiver wont sync, and for awhile wont sync with my ps3, i narrowed down the issue to the receiver by plugging the ps3 directly into it, and the output as well to my display.

For no reason it just wont sync up, and it makes a noise to small hisses as it repeatedly tries to sync, the noise or two beeps it makes as it wont work.

After awhile or switching inputs it seems to work again, i originally located a problem years ago due to overheating, but since then i have placed fans on it, and it has remained cool, 1080p from my computer in the other hdmi port also works flawlessly, and is a much longer run. So it does not make sense.

Is their anything I can do, im not sure if I have warranty, but im curious if others have had this issue or what can be done.
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