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RX-V861 to SR5003 Upgrade: worth it?

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I currently have the 861, I find it to be good. I kind of miss the marantz sound from my old 4002, it seems like it had more punch to it too, which does not lend credence to the Yamaha power ratings. I only got the Yamaha because it was a good deal and it had lip sync (for my new television).

I saw that the Yamaha with 7 channels driven only does 53 watts/channel, whereas the Marantz is actually 90 watts at 0.1 distortion with all 7 channels driven (hometheatermag.com). Isn't that a very big difference considering the Yamaha is rated higher?

Anyways, the Marantz would have lip sync but would end up costing me about 500 dollars more.

Also, I have a vintage marantz 2245 coming for stereo, do you think I should just use that with pre-outs for stereo music with the yamaha? Or should I flip it along with some old textbooks to fund the 5003?

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as a fellow loyal yamaha fan i would have to say that i would go with the marantz 5003 myself!! Ive heard this receiver and i must tell you that it is an awesome receiver!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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