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RX-Z9 and DVD-5900 -- Will they work together on ieee1394

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Does anybody know if this actually works?

Audio output from Denon DVD-5900 via ieee1394 to a Yamaha RX-Z9?


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There appears to be a problem with the Denon implementation. More info forthcoming.
I would like to know the very same thing? Is there something in the

Denon by design, that prevents this union?
Currently they will not. The Yamaha comes up with the Denon 5900/A11 name but that is all. I believe the Pioneer DV-59? however does work by memory on what was said in a thread on the DVD side of this forum.
There's a design flaw in the 5900 and the i.Link port is inoperable right now but they do plan to fix this soon but no publically known ETA of this fix. This wasn't intentional just apparently Denon doesn't fully check their products before they start shipping and rely on the customer to tell them if somethings wrong, it's saves on R&D costs.

Daniel Smith
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