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(i also posted this thread in the General HT and Media Room Section, but i think it fits better here)

I have been lurking for a while hanging out and looking at different threads, and figured i would finally post a few pictures of my setup for everyone to look at. i know its not as insane and nice as everyone else, but since i live in an apartment i think its alright and works pretty well.

let me know what you guys think!

**EDITED 1/17/16**


So i moved into a house, and i wanted to organize my rack a little better, so i bought a real rack from Deep Surplus, which is a pretty cool place. I should have just talked to my employer and gotten a MA skeleton rack, but this rack is cool too.

My gear has more or less stayed the same, but changed a few things around. I bought an xBox 360 from Gamestop, (i know like 4 years too late, but i have more important things to spend/save my money on/for.) Ive changed/customized my XBMC system, and improved my crestron program so it is more efficient.

Instead of using the Crestron TPMC-4x we now use our phones and my laptop running the Crestron Mobile App. I tried using the TPMC for a while and it worked pretty well, but i just couldnt get the router and access point to play nice. The battery life on the TPMC was pretty terrible too, so i decided to go another way.

The app i think for our purposes works a lot better because we almost always have our phones around, and if all else fails i have my laptop running an xPanel.


Apple TV (combined with an Airplay device i can play just about anything)
Mac Pro (running XBMC, and might pick up a HDHomeRun soonish.)
Playstation 2 (no thats not a typo)
xBox 360


IOGear 4x2 HDMI Video Switcher
Crestron MC2E (Control Processor)
Crestron VEQ4N (4x4 DSP)
Crestron ST-PC (Power Control - TV and Speakers on Port A | PS2 on Port B)


Yamaha HS50M Studio Monitors
Polk Audio PSW10 Subwoofer

Display: Samsung UN46H62300


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Very clean setup and I especially like the what appears to be mini-rack.
thanks! yeah i bought a set of 8 Space Raxxess rack rails off Amazon (~13.00) and then bought a Rast Nightstand (14.99) and lowered the lower shelf to make it fit 8 rack spaces. It looks good and was very cheap. I might eventually stain it.
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