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For months i have been contemplating creating my own Sub. the plans on Rythmik's website really look awesome. so i decided to give it a shot. i wanted the vented Vs. the sealed enclosure as a personal preference.

My choices?

-Rythmik DS1200v enclosure ($44)

-JL 12W0V2 12" sub-woofer ($89)

-MCM Electronics 200w plate amp ($66)

-general hardware: screws, wood putty, casters, etc ($25)

A friend of mine is a general contractor and has all the tools i could have ever wanted to create this. So he helped me cut the pieces. Since i am not completely experience on wood working, he wanted to use "his methods" on cutting the MDF, vs the way i wanted (the way the PVC was going to be installed on the box)

It took us about 5 hrs to cut all the pieces and do everything correct. Then another 6 hrs to assemble it (me alone).

Please bear with me as this is not yet the finished product. I still have to wood putty all the screws, the edges, sand the borders, and make the whole thing smooth and pretty, then gets a coat of paint it.

So was all worth the trouble? HELL YES!!

i gotta say WOW! I played Iron Man and Kung Fu Panda and i gotta say, i heard notes i never heard before (skadoosh scene, and the IM sonic boom)

i literally vibrate the windows and almost knocked the picture frames. And best of all, is that the sub DOES NOT distort not even one bit. Its solid and powerful. I gotta say that it really impressed me. I recommend this to anyone really on a budget built and or if u were on the fence of using the Rythmik Plans.

Rythmik gets 2 thumbs up from me.

Now on to the pictures.... more will come once i make the box all pretty.

Comments are welcome.

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