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I have the 8UK (commercial, I think) version of the TH-42PHD8. After purchase, I bought a second HDMI board, which replaced a component board with BNC connectors. Slots are currently:

1 - HDMI

2 - HDMI

3 - S-Video

15-pin DSUB and 9-pin serial come after that, but aren't removable.

When I press the input button on my remote, the panel cycles through HDMI1, HDMI2, and PC only. I cannot select S-Video. I remember that this panel is finicky about what input boards can be used, but don't know the combinations.

I want to hook up my Wii to either the existing S-Video connector or by replacing that S-Video card with the component board (TNPA2845). Any idea which board (S-Video or Component) will work in slot 3 in concert with the HDMI boards in slots 1 and 2? Any idea why I can't currently select the S-Video input?

This thread has the same issue, but wasn't answered.
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