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S-Video over CAT5 - product experiences

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Hi Folks,

Anyone ever used this product:

(ChannelPlus SVC-10 S-Video Cat5 Distribution System)

I need to feed a high-quality video signal to a Plasma from a location about 50 feet away (as the wire runs, not as the crow flies) and getting another batch of coax to this location would be a bear - but I have a couple CAT5 lines available.

This seems like the perfect solution, but I know from experience with VGA over CAT5 equipment that the image tends to get soft and I can't have that with my primary HT equipment!

Any experiences with this product that anyone could share would be warmly appreciated!

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S-Video will be a little soft regardless of using the adapter...

They do work fairly well, but your Plasma deserves HD. Component and DVI/HDMI are needed for that.

Brent Huskins

Media Design
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