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S97 HDMI to PT-AE500 DVI Probs

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I'm a newbie here but would appreciate some help with the problem i'm detailing below if possible. Thanks.

I have an AE500 which has been working great over component and today I received a Panasonic S97 DVD player and an 8m HDMI-DVI Supra cable.

I cannot seem to get any resolution outputting higher from the S97 than 625P. Trying the 750P or 1125i gives a snowy looking green screen where the menus are just about legible.The AE500 Signal Mode shows 750P/50 when receiving 750 and HDTV50 when receiving 1125i from the S97

I've been on the phone to Panasonic UK whom got me to try different video settings but nothing fixes it. The call centre guy is referring to tech support before getting back to me.

I'm really dissapointed as I thought this setup would work.

I've also updated the S97 firmware to 85E536 from 85E528 which makes no difference.
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Further update:

Someone has suggested that this could be a "Green Push" problem which is related to upscaling and the projector not interpreting the signal correctly. The suggestion was to set the S97 to RGB over HDMI but this seems to be set already and cannot be changed to anything else.
I phoned Panasonic again today and they guy said it won't work! He stated that DVI and HDMI are different and the projector will not support this and I need the new model. I asked if they have a DVI player and he said not until June.

I'd advise people to be careful when trying to matchup equipment.
I've sent the S97 back and am getting a Samsung HD-745 which is DVI not HDMI. It's a shame as the Panny looked great and the Samsung is a cheaper unit and probably not as good, but I want to take advantage of the higher res available. As i'm in the Channel Islands i'm getting hammered on these to and fro delivery costs
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