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SA 8300HD DVR Noise and Blackout Problem

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I recently moved to an area and had to switch from Comcast to Cablevision, and i am still trying to get used to the new 8300 hd dvr. Here is my question and this has happened twice. I went to watch a show that i recorded in HD, and when i turned on the program, i was getting a crackling noise every couple of seconds. Every time the noise hit, there was a shard sound, the volume changed, and the picture would black out for a split second. It made it hard to watch the program. It would happen at random time, but it is constant and every couple of seconds. I have the unit hooked up to a panasonic plasma, and a sony KDS-R60XBR1. They are both hooked up with componet cables, that have been split. I tied unsplitting them, and i have the same problem. Both tvs are hooked up with a/v cables for sound, one comes from output 1, and the other output 2. Both tvs exhibit this problem, so it is not the TV's, it is coming from the 8300. I have watched about 2 dozen hd recorded programs, and this has happened now on 2 different shows. Any ideas?
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Anyone else having this problem? I saw it posted in the Cablevison thread, but i thought it deserved its own since a few people had the same problem, but no one really gave an answer on how to solve it.
Have there been more than the two shows which screwed up?

Does the problem happen on the same channel all the time?

Does the picture freese up sometimes without the sound problems?

Are there similar problems with live TV?

My first guess would be bas signal on the cable.

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Only 2 shows, yes. I think they were on 2 different channels and 2 different shows. Both HD shows. It doesn't happen on live tv though.
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