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I have Time Warner cable with Scientific Atlanta 8300HDC

DVR/tuner. I recently added my first HD TV (Samsung 40a550)

and I've run into a little problem using closed captioning

- mute - volume control on the 8300hdc remote.

I used to have the 8300hdc connected to a SD CRT display

so just used the "cable" connection. I could use the 8300hdc

to control tv volume, and use the mute button to display

closed caption text. But now I have HDTV I'm using the

hdmi cable interface. Aparently hdmi does not support

close captioning. And apparently the volume control

on the 8300hdc box does not change the hdmi volume

(which makes sense)

I'd like to be able to push the "mute" button on the

8300hdc remote and have it mute both the tv and cable box.

I know I can reprogram the 8300hdc remote to either control

volume/mute on the tv OR control volume/mute on the cable

box. Is there any way I can reprogram the 8300hdc remote

to control volume/mute on BOTH the tv and cable box?

I'd like to push "mute" on the remote and have all volume muted

and closed captioning visible.
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