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This is what I have

1) Mitsubishi 65-813 HDTV with firewire connectors

2) SA4200HD STB with firewire connectore

3) JVC HM-DH40000U DVHS recorder with firewire connectors

An assortment of various lengths firewire cable with 6-4 pin converters

The Mitsubishi TV has ANT DTV which means I can capture OTA HDsignals with a small antenna

The only sucess I have had was briefly, maybe a couple of times being able to record CBSHD, but only from the ANT DTV signal.

I get errors with the STB that say an alink between the TV and DVHS could not be established.

What am I doing wrong?

Why have I only been successful in recording HDTV via ant DTV only once or twice and can't do it on multiple ocassions?

Is there an inherent problem with the sa4200STB?

Can the radio shack cables or 6-4 pin adapters be of poor quality?

Is there any way to isolate what the problem is ?

Is all HDTV content even broadcast and premium copyprotected thereby recording HDTV content impossible.

I am on Long Island's Cablevision I/O service.

Any tricks, test, advice, trouble shooting advice appreciated.

I also have a firewrire equipped PC if that's any help in the troublshooting.

Much obliged,

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