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SA8000HD & iscan HD+ ??

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Thoughts? Does it improve the quality of the SD image? Since the DVI port is still disabled and you have to used component, does this negatively effect the SD and HD at all going through the iscan?

Looking to hook this up to my NEC 50"

The following will be hooked up to the iscan

SA8000HD (component for now)

SD TIVO (s-video)

Prog scan DVD (component)

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If you have an external scaler you are probably best to configure the SA8000 ( assuming new firmware ) for passthrough operation. For reference I'm assuming the iscanHD will provide better scaling than the sa8000.

- turn unit off

- hit guide + info to enter HD setup screens

- turn on all resolutions/formats supported by iscanDH

- turn SA8000 back on

- in the settings set video mode to pass-through

That way you don't have the SA8000 doing a scaling conversion of the input before putting it out over the component. Recent versions of the firmware will allow this configuration. You will notice a larger lag when change between channels of different resolutions.
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