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SA8300 Extreme red push!!

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Anyone else have to adjust their tint nearly all the way to green when using this box? I have a Maxent 42 Plasma and it looks great on all inputs except when using the SA8300 on component. Have not tried HDMI. Using DVD on that input and am satisfied.

This is not the "all pink" issue a few were having. Seems the box has a huge red push on component.
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have that box on projector, sharp aquos and viewsonic lcd, and all three are working great.
Are you sure all the cables are securely connected?

Mine looks great on a SIM2 projector...component out transcoded to HDMI by my Integra DTR-10.5.

The 8300HD has a DC voltage on the green (luminance) component out.

The solution is the AA 1181, a DC blocker for component.

http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=581843 (post #23)

I have this issue with a KD-CTCA3. The KD-CTCA2 does not have this issue.

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