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SA8300HD - Volume Control Question

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I have Adelphia's SA8300HD PVR. When I operate the Volume Control, it shows up on screen, and the 'bars' go up and down appropriately. But the volume stays at a constant level.

I have Audio Out from the SA8300HD via a Digital Optical connection to my Onkyo TX-SR600 Receiver, and have to control the volume through that device's remote control.

One resolution would be to program the Onkyo into the SA8300HD Remote (which in my case is a USElectronics ENT-8000), but they have no code for this particular unit, the 'canned' codes for Onkyo don't work, and manually stepping through all the codes doesn't find one that works.

I don't see anything in the SA8300HD box that would allow me to configure anything differently with respect to digital audio out.

Any suggestions or options that would enable me to control Volume through the PVR's Remote would be appreciated.


(And I realize I can probably get some type of programmable universal remote, but with remotes for my Mitsu DVHS recorder, Panny DVD, the Mitsu WS-65869, Onkyo Receiver, and SA8300HD PVR, this could be problematic, and probably more of a problem for the rest of the family to operate.)
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It sounds like your remote is controlling the TV's audio instead of the cable box audio. There is a code to get it to control the the box. Sorry, but I don't know it. Try your cable company.
That's a reasonable thought, and one of the first things I checked. But unfortunately, no - it's controlling the volume output from the Cable Box, not the TV itself.

I'll give Adelphia a call and see if they have any suggestions.

Thanks for the reply.
Go to settings / more settings/ audio/ and change it to fixed. That should solve the problem
Thanks for the response and suggestion.

On my box, the only options available for Audio relate to Digital Out, where the choices are Dolby Digital, HDMI and Other. The volume buttons don't effect the actual output with any of these choices. There is no "fixed" option, nor any other Audio option.

I believe that the SA8300HD outputs an unmodified Digital Stream. The volume control would only effect the Analogue audio out.

I'm certainly open to other suggestions, but I think I'm pretty much stuck with using the volume control on my Onkyo receiver.

Thanks again, though, for trying.

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