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SACD versus DVD-Audio

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I would like to hear some opinions on the two technologies from those who own or demo-ed these two formats.

Vent your opinions, likes and dislikes!

A couple of follow-up questions about the format and players:

1.) Does an all-in-one model like the Pioneer DV-AX10 (which does SACD/DVD-Audio/Progressive Scan DVD) or the Sony DVP-S9000ES (which does SACD//Progressive Scan DVD...not sure if it does DVD-Audio) play the audio section of SACD as well as just audio dedicated units? Maybe I am not thinking with a new Y2K mentality...but do players with SACD, DVD-Audio, and Progressive Scan DVD do all three well?

1a.)Does anyone know if the Pioneer DV-AX10 will have the same Progressive Scan circuitry as the DV-37?

2.) Are there any other technologies ready to break through at any moment...that will compete with SACD and DVD-Audio?

3.) When High Definition DVD comes out in the future...which I believe is the next logical step from Progressive Scan DVD...will it also include some sort of improved audio section?

4.) Are there any particular amps or pre-amps...that lend themselves to better SACD playback specifically...or does just quality play back quality?

With the Sony (available) and the Pioneer (I believe soon to be if not already out) as new choices...decisions are made harder!


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Well, opinions are like portions of our anatomy; we all have them!

There's so little DVD-A software available, it's hard to make a realistic comparision between that format and SACD. Also, the bulk of the DVD-A players announced are sort of "midrange", and may not display the potential of DVD-A compared with an SACD player like the SCD-1 or SCD777ES.

The recently released Technics DVD-A player is unremarkable on CD, apparently has inferior video quality to the Sony 7700, but on hi-res DVD-A is a significant step up from what it musters on CD.

The Pioneer should be more of a statement piece, but it is reported to convert DSD to PCM, and use the PCM DAC's for playback. Now, this is basically the opposite of what Sony SACD players do, which is to convert CD PCM to DSD using the VC24 digital filter/processor (inlcuded in the SCD-1, the SCD777ES, and the DVP9000ES); which "avoids" the problems PCM DAC's are reputed by some to have with zero crossing and low level signals.

High Definition DVD is a carrier format for HDTV, basically, and that uses DD stereo mostly, and occasionally DD 5.1. No audio "breakthroughs" there.

Many different kinds of preamps are used with SACD players; because of the high signal output levels of CD and SACD players, I use a passive preamp using high quality Shallco rotary switch attenuators and balance controls; there is no question about coloration from the electronics; there aren't any. This setup replaced a well regarded $2k preamp; it can be integrated into an HT type setup by using a DD processor with analog bypass.

I own a 777ES, have been very happy with it, including it's CD playback quality, which exceeds some substantially more expensive transport/processor combos I've auditioned. I use the DF3 filter setting for CD's, and use the output filter for SACD set to the "custom" (wideband) position.

The Sony DVP9000ES looks like a nice piece, particularly for an all in one, and has very good build quality at that price point. It also has some fairly advanced video processing; it appears to be a significant step up from Sony's earlier offereings. See Sony's site for more details.


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