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I have SageTV (v7), which records Hi-Def over-the-air content as mpeg2 files.

Sage has built in compression, however it does not fit my needs and there is apparently no way to customize it .

So I am using Handbrake to do my compression. The problem is that some of the videos have some corrupted frames (inevitable with over-the-air recordings, even though my signal is 99%). This causes handbrake to fail.

I'd like to be able to clean the recordings with some piece of software, and then compress them with handbrake.

My question is, what software can clean up corrupted mpeg2 recordings?

I've already tried mpeg2repair -- this software only works with transport streams, not mpeg2's. (note: Sage can be set to record to transport streams, however after a week with this setting enabled, I see why Sage Support recommends not doing it. It causes many other issues in Sage).

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.

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