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Salamander Designs Chameleon Furniture

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Anyone out there have furniture from this line? My wife and I just made an agreement to purchase a house. Living room is mine to make a media room. I was thinking about getting the Sonoma 339 and wanted to know what people think about these units from Salamander. (Fit, finish and function) I like the riser that I can put my center channel in and my RPTV can go on top.

Thanks for the opinions.


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I would like to know if they are quality as well.

I really like the finish of the berlin 236 and 237
Not sure if this will help you both or not as I don't have the Chameleon line, but I do have two pieces from Salamander's Synergy line. I found both pieces to be very well constructed and very sturdy. I'm thinking about buying a third piece from their Synergy line to act as a liquor cabinet. I'm also considering their Matteo theater chairs if I can ever find one to sit in.

So far my experience with Salamander has been a good one. They're a company that's been around for many years now and they have a solid reputation for quality. I'd be very surprised if the Chameleon line doesn't continue and even enhance that reputation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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