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Selling a pair of Salk Songtowers. They are about 4.5 years old. They have the OW tweeter, and are finished in fireburst cherry. I'm the 2nd owner, having bought them from Big Red Machine (he's pretty well known in the Salk circles) about two years ago. Their in mint condition, save for a ~1cm nick on either speaker (pictured)

EDIT: Songtowers have sold. The center is still available

Also selling a custom 3-way center channel designed to match the songtowers. $600. More info here: http://www.avsforum.com/forum/89-speakers/1449732-review-selah-audio-center-salk-songtowers.html

Front right

Chip on right speaker

Front left

Chip on left speaker

The center:

a few more pics from my AVS thread


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