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Have had these two DVD Players for ~2yrs.,one given to me,the other bought for $20 bucks,and both worked well...until now.:(
Both started exhibiting the same problem recently....ie;during playback of Any disc the audio and video both cut out randomly for ~3-4 secs.,then come on again,but the time counter keeps counting the time normally.The discs aren't at fault since they play w/o problem on my 2 Sony players and my DVDR's.I opened both players,cleaned the laser with 91% Iso.alcohol but no luck...the problem remains.

So am wondering if the lasers may be dying...or maybe out of alignment???...
Anyone ever see this kind of behavior with a DVD Player and know what the trouble could be??...and is it fixable at home w/o spending $$$??
The players are old i won't put any $$$ into fixing them....if i can't fix 'em myself i'll toss 'em.:(
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