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Sammy HD-841 vs. HD-941 worth the wait?

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First off, you guys rock, these forums offer the best home theater advice on the web!

OK my Sammy HLP-5663 is being delivered Monday and I need to upgrade my DVD player soon! I've been reading the threads and it seems that the HD-841 is a pretty good player for use via DVI, but that the upcomming HD-941 will also have universal playback options, as well as Faroudja de-interlacing, my question is this:

1) Since my TV already uses the Faroudja DCDI de-interlacer do I need to have the Faroudja chip in my DVD player as well (i.e. should I wait for the HD-941)

2) In terms of picture quality alone, do you expect a big difference between the HD-841 on a Sammy DLP TV via DVI compared to a HD-941 via HDMI

3) I guess I wanna know if you guys think I should wait for the HD-941 or just go with the HD-841 today.

As always, thanks in advance.
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Everything you want to know is a simple search a way. Both have been covered extensively (especially the availability of HD941).
or should we say "UN"-availability of HD941
Who knows if the HD-941 will ever appear? Its status by way of circumstantial evidence is unclear.

Other interesting choices would be:

Sony DVPNS975V -- just beginning to appear - SACD only

Panasonic DVD-S97 -- maybe a week or two away - DVD-A only

Denon DVD-1910 -- flawed but may still be a good choice -- no SACD or DVD-A

Denon DVD-2910 -- just beginning to appear -- universal player

Best regards,

Paul Bigelow
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I would do a little comparison between the 841 again one of the listed above or the Zenith 318 as they all uses similar DCDi chip for upconverting and scaling. Basically do chip to chip comparision, that should at least give you a clue how the 841 go against the 941 (DCDi chipped).

If you don't already know, the Zenith is only 200 or less.

The 841 did not get high marks in the Secret's shootout due to the inferior Zoran deinterlacer. I would hold out for the 941, or go with one of the others mentioned above (if you can afford the Denon 2910, it's a great universal player).
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